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Below is a list of the Most Recent Appearances/Lectures Featuring Dr. Lorne Tarshis and The Institute of Cosmetic Surgery

Fashion Magazine, March 2016

“Chin Up” Dr. Tarshis is featured in this article discussing face and neck lifts and how these procedures can rejuvenate the face and give  the neck a smooth and taut appearance and feel. It is the ultimate procedure in defying gravity and reversing ageing.

Fashion Magazine, March 2015

Skin Deep” Dr. Tarshis is featured in “Canada’s top spots for cosmetic surgery article.Dr. Tarshis “would be happy to dial you back a decade with a cheek and neck lift that puts these areas back to where they once were.”

Fashion Magazine, March 2014

“Nip Tuck” Dr. Tarshis is featured as a gifted surgeon specializing in facelifts and is “passionate about the degree of artistry required for facelifts, botox and fillers, paying special attention to hairline variances and the symmetry of the features.”

Fashion Magazine, March 2013

‘Game Change’ Dr. Tarshis discusses the importance and popularity of paying attention to the neck. With minimal downtime and very small incisions, the neck is often tended to in conjunction with facelifts and/or other facial rejuvenation procedures.’

Fashion Magazine, November 2013

“SCARS”Dr. Tarshis lends his expertise to the topic, that scars are “a living cellular” thing and lasering can be extremeley effective for some.

Fashion Magazine, March 2012“Home Improvement”

Dr. Tarshis is praised for his work ‘above the neck.’ Facelifts and facial rejuvenation are his area of exceptional skill and expertise. ‘Invisible scars draw a lot of clients who hear about him through word of mouth.’ 

Fashion Magazine, March 2011

“MIRROR MIRROR, Our cross-Canada guide to plastic surgery, lasers and injectables”. Listed for the tenth consecutive year, Dr. Tarshis is again recognized as an expert in meticulous facial rejuvenation

Toronto Fashion Magazine, March 2010

“Cosmetic Fixes”. Listed as one of the top cosmetic surgery clinics, for the ninth consecutive year. “While Dr. Tarshis’ is best known for Facelifts, he’s also a whiz at endoscopic brow lifts and body sculpting”.

Elevate Magazine, March/April 2010

Dr. Tarshis is rated one of the Top 10 Elite Surgeons for Toronto by Elevate Magazine.

Toronto Fashion, March 2009  “Mirror Mirror”

Dr. Tarshis is named as one of the places to go “in Canada to tweak your outer layer.”

Toronto Fashion Magazine, March 2008

“Body Builders”. Listed as one of the top cosmetic surgery clinics, for the seventh consecutive year. “Dr. Tarshis’ mastery will put you at ease”.

Slice Channel. March, 2007

“Rich Bride, Poor Bride” Engaged couple come to the Institute of Cosmetic Surgery for pre-wedding dental whitening.

Toronto Fashion Magazine, March 2007.

A cross-country listing of where to get the best aesthetic fixes.

Toronto Fashion Magazine. 2007

Dr. Tarshis disucsses myths and facts about cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic Innovations. December, 2007.

Dr. Tarshis filmed a segment in the operating room during a lower blephoraplsty procedure.

“Cosmetic Innovations.” Decemer, 2007.

Dr. Tarshis appeared in the studio to discuss facelifts.

The Globe and Mail, December 2007

“Zapping Away the Fat” Dr. Tarshis discussed current trends in liposuction.

Suhaag Magazine, 2007

Dr. Tarshis discusses myths and facts about cosmetic surgery.

Toronto Star, 2006. “Forever Young”

Dr. Tarshis discusses the shifting public perception of cosmetic surgery.

Toronto Fashion Magazine, 2006

“Making the Cut…listing the best cosmetic surgeons in the country” Listed as one of the top cosmetic surgery clinics for the fifth consecutive year.

Medical Post, 2005

“The Male Beauty Myth.”

Toronto Fashion Magazine, March 2005

“Best Nips and Tucks in Toronto.” Listed once again as one of the city’s top cosmetic surgery clinics.

Elevate Magazine., 2004

Dr. Tarshis discusses perceptions of beauty.

Toronto Fashion Magazine. 2004

Listed as one of the best and “most revered” cosmetic surgery clinics in Toronto.

“Talk TV”, 2004

Featured guest Dr. Tarshis talks about cosmetic surgery.

The New You Show, 2004

Lecture by Dr. Tarshis entitled “The Surgical Facelift.”

Flare Magazine, 2004

Dr. Tarshis is featured in the “Top Cosmetic Surgeons across Canada.”