Eyelid Lift Toronto – You will look Fit, Rested and More Youthful

It’s no secret that your eyes have a huge impact on your overall appearance.  It’s also no secret that your eyes can show signs of aging faster than any other facial feature.  The reason for this is that the skin around your eyes is much thinner than the skin on the rest of your face.  This fact, along with copious amounts of exercise, fewer oil glands and less internal support results in your eyes aging before the rest of your face.

Your eyes are also affected by things like everyday stress, sun exposure, heredity and fatigue.  With all of these different factors at play, it’s no wonder your eyes age faster than other areas.  Luckily, an eyelid lift, also called a Blepharoplasty, can help correct this issue for you.

The Benefits of Eyelid Lift Surgery

Eyelid lift surgery can provide several benefits that will help slow down and reverse the accelerated aging process of your eyes. Some of the most common benefits include removing excess skin from above and below the eyes, removing heavy bags and pouches and softening wrinkles and smoothing your skin. Your make-up will be easier to apply. Your eyes will be rested and looking beautiful!

Eyelid Lift Procedure – Dr. Tarshis – A Gifted and Creative Surgeon.

Your surgery will be at Dr. Tarshis’ private clinic, the Institute of Cosmetic Surgery in Toronto, a state of the art, fully accredited surgical facility. The surgery is performed under twilight anesthesia. You will sleep through it without discomfort. The surgery is performed as an out patient although overnight facilities are available if desired. All the incisions are concealed and invisible. Recovery takes approximately 7 days and sunglasses will cover everything. Nobody will know or needs to know. Enjoy the new rested and attractive, youthful you!