Laser Skin Resurfacing – Youthful Skin with a Laser

The Best Your Skin Can Be

It’s easy to think of a laser as something that causes damage, but they can also be used for healing and for reversing the hands of time and making your skin look more youthful.  Skin issues  can start as early as childhood and leave permanent marks on your skin.  Teenage acne and the effects of time, gravity, sun exposure, pollution and lifestyle in adulthood just continue the process.

Most people want smooth, youthful, healthy-looking skin that makes them feel great.  It is your largest organ, and it can really do a number on your confidence if it is damaged or otherwise below your expectations.  That’s where the concept of laser skin resurfacing comes in and saves the day.

What Can Laser Resurfacing Do? – Dr. Tarshis – A Gifted, Creative Surgeon

The laser used at the Institute of Cosmetic Surgery is widely recognized as the safest and most accurate cosmetic surgical laser available. The gold standard. Laser resurfacing has the capability to erase wrinkles, fine lines and many different types of skin blemishes to create that youthful appearance you are after, or in the case of acne scars, to create a smoother appearance.

The laser treatment is performed at Dr. Tarshis’ private clinic in Toronto, the Institute of Cosmetic Surgery, a state of the art, fully accredited surgical facility. It may be performed under local anesthesia (freezing) or you may sleep through the procedure (twilight anaesthesia).

The laser skin resurfacing technique works by directing short but concentrated beams of pulsating light at problem areas.  The damaged skin is removed precisely and gently, layer by layer.  Once completed, the surface of the skin seems fresh and revitalized with a soft, smooth appearance.  Laser resurfacing doesn’t take long and there are no incisions or blood.

It generally takes up to two weeks before make up can be applied to the new skin.  You will notice a lot of comments and looks about your ‘new look’, but no one will know what you had done because there really is no evidence.