Three years ago, on the advice of a friend, I went to see Dr. Tarshis. I was 56, but I looked 10 years older. My cheeks had hollowed out, I had jowls that hung along my once firm jaw line, my lips had lost all their plumpness and become a thin mean line, and my skin had thickened and grown blotchy with age and damage from the sun.

Then, as now, I was an athletic woman, and from the neck down I passed for an attractive female in her early forties. I’d grown accustomed to watching men as they approached from a distance. They’d eye me up and down with obvious interest until they got close enough to clearly see my face. And then, on their faces, that look of sudden bewilderment, which would swiftly turn to something like confusion or even revulsion as they quickly looked away. How could they have found attractive someone who so resembled their mothers, how could they have been so misled?

And so, I had become invisible. Not just sexually, but in every way. At work, in meetings, I was rarely asked for an opinion and when, unsolicited, I offered one, it was more often than not ignored. I was old, beyond the vigour and verve assumed of women under fifty, and therefore, my ideas were old, too.

The disconnect between the person I knew myself to be and the face of the person others thought me to be, was too much to bare. I was shelved, lonely, unhappy, and saw no way out — until my friend recommended Dr. Tarshis.

Three years ago, Dr. Tarshis gave me a face that matched my body; he gave me back my face, the face that I deserve. And I am so very grateful. Dr. Tarshis made me visible again, happy again. Once again, I am a vigorous, engaged, sexual woman. In four months, I will be 60 years of age, but I look like a woman in her late forties. And for two years now, I have had in my life a wonderful man whom I love and who loves me. No one notices that I am more than 10 years his senior, and to him, my age doesn’t seem to matter at all.

Life is good, so very good.
Thank you, Dr. Tarshis, from the bottom of my heart.
~name withheld per patient’s request

I would like to extend to Dr Tarshis and his entire staff a heartfelt thank you for the wonderful attention and care I received before, during and after my facelift surgery. The result of the procedure is magnificent and not a day goes by when I am not grateful for the superb surgical skill and expertise of Dr Tarshis. Every step of the process was explained to me in great detail and every question I had was answered with patience and care and each step of the healing process was just as I had been told. I am delighted to have regained such youthfulness in my face, emphasizing my bone structure and the glow of my skin. A major benefit that I had not fully appreciated at the time was the renewal of self- confidence and rejuvenation that had become less apparent from aging and a fading of youth. I continue to feel a valued patient by everyone at the Institute of Cosmetic Surgery and I am so pleased that they have all become such a wonderful part of my life.

~name withheld per patient’s request

I had a Facelift performed by Dr. Tarshis a year ago. As with previous surgeons, I expected my skin to be tightened and to look younger, but Dr. Tarshis has gone beyond this and given me something I thought I had lost forever – not just firm, smooth skin, but an actual return to how I looked many years ago.

His portfolio of before and after photos, viewed during consultation, is astounding and attest to his exceptional skill and artistry. It left absolutely no doubt in my mind that Dr. Tarshis was the only surgeon I would trust with this procedure.

I am sure that, for most, surgery is a very traumatic undertaking, but I felt very comfortable from the initial consultation to the final one, post surgery. There was never any hint of being rushed as Dr. Tarshis explained everything thoroughly and also welcomed any questions I had. The surroundings are lovely and contribute greatly to the relaxing atmosphere. Last, but by no means least, are his truly exceptional staff who are a rare mix of being professional, friendly, warm, and caring.

Altogether, a very positive experience and an outcome that has greatly exceeded all my expectations.

~name withheld per patient’s request

From the moment I met Dr. Tarshis I felt trust. He was patient and professional, and the staff warm and kind.
I had a Brow-lift and Mid-Facelift. I was concerned of having a long and hard recovery but I couldn’t ask for a better recovery and outcome! He did such an amazing job that I didn’t even feel like I had surgery! Dr. Tarshis assured me of a conservative appearance, and I look completely natural not at all a surgical look.
The day of the procedure I was immediately put at ease upon my arrival at his facility. In all respects, I felt assured that I was in very good hands. They explained everything in detail and really made me feel safe. From the receptionist to the after care nurse, all of the staff were so attentive and competent. Following the surgery, Dr. Tarshis’s staff had prearranged my stay at the clinic. A night nurse was provided and she was so helpful and comforting; I can’t emphasize enough how professional the staff is. Dr. Tarshis is an outstanding and gifted surgeon and I would highly recommend him to anyone considering aesthetic surgery~name withheld per patient’s request


“I felt that i needed to more formally express my gratitude toward you and your staff which is what prompted me to write this brief letter…

without doubt you have changed my life.  Your full-face laser resurfacing procedure has given me something I have desired for most of my teenage and young adulthood years.  That is a scar-free face.  I no longer feel the need to hide in shadows nor cover my face….Your honest, caring nature and precision skilled hands make you by far the most talented cosmetic surgeon.  Any future patient of yours is bound to feel as lucky as i do to have found such a great man.”  ~ name withheld per patient’s request


“Thank you Lorne for your caring, professional manner.  I liked your confident way of dealing with my skin problems.  I valued your judgement…I appreciate your skillful way in handling my problem…you made it Lorne..be bearable…I know your profession looks up to you and your special talents…also your leadership and i can understand why…be assured I’m very grateful.        ~ name withheld per patient’s request